Perks & Benefits

Enjoy these added perks and benefits to being a Sweetwater Lift Lodge Owner! From vacation banking to vacation planning, we're happy to provide you with a memorable vacation experience and excellent customer service.

Vacation Banking

Can't make it to use your week? We completely understand! Modify your existing reservation for a different date within the same year or the following year for a fee. Contact Owner Services 90+ days in advance prior to your week use.

*Dates you can move your week to:

Week 17 - 25

Week 37 - 46

Vacation Banking Fees:

  • $80 - Move your week to another time within the same year.

  • $120 - Move your week for use to the following year.

Vacation Banked weeks can be used for Annual Reservations at Sweetwater Lift Lodge or deposited with an exchange company.

Future Weeks

Looking to deposit your weeks early with an exchange company? You can prepay your maintenance fees for the following year ahead of time and deposit the next year's week. Contact Owner Services to deposit your weeks early!

Splitting Your Weeks

Can't use your whole week at once? You can split your week three ways to have multiple vacations throughout the year!​ Contact Owner Services 90+ days in advance of your week.

Split Week Fees: 

  • $80 per split with last split being free of charge.


  • Split must either be a Friday or Saturday check-in or check-out. 

  • Split into a 3-night stay and 4-night stay or

  • Split into a 3-night stay, and 2  2-night stays. 

  • Unit upgrades permitted

Contact Owner

Ready to move or vacation bank your week? Contact Owner Services and a representative will assist your request. 



Friends & Family Use

Immediate family members can use your week at no extra charge! Simply contact Owner Services and provide the names of your family members. 

For all friends and non-immediate family members who want to use your week, Owners Services charges a $60 Guest Certificate Fee. Please download and complete the form below to obtain your Guest Certificate.

Download Guest Certificate Form


Submit your form and payment to owner@sweetwater-liftlodge.com.

Travel FreeEk


Azzurro and Sweetwater Lift Lodge would like to introduce Travel FreeEk, a great new value-added travel benefit for owners. Travel FreeEk is a travel experience program that has established an affiliated network of great resort properties located in amazing locations such as Mexico, Caribbean, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand, with ancillary travel products that you can access whenever you want.

Visit www.travelfreeek.com, peruse the information and talk to one of their Imagination Agents. When you're ready to look at travel options, submit your request and let their Imagination Agents work their "magic" to fulfill your needs.  The are no catches, requirements, or preconceived use rules. Use it as little or as much as you want! The program is there for your enjoyment.

Phone: 833-462-4467

Enter the following: 

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • Resort Code: SWL 

What does it Cost?

Book a week in one of the affiliated resorts and pay the price of that resort's maintenance fee. Check with the Imagination Agents to see if additional fees apply. Other travel options will be at discounted rates.

How it Works:
What you Get:
  1.  FREE access to the program. It isn't a membership program, just a simple travel benefit for being associated with Azzurro and Sweetwater Lift Lodge ownership.

  2. Unlimited Use. Use the program as little or as much as you would like. There are no access restrictions. Invite your friends and family along for the ride!

  3. Other Travel Options. Check in with their Imagination Agents to see what other travel options are available. The program currently offers discounts on pre-arrive services, rental cars, and lodging stays.

  4. Imagination Agents. They are there for your use. Their goal is to help you plan the perfect vacation experience!

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