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  • How do I pay my Maintenance Fees?
    You can pay your maintenance fees in one of three ways: 1) Phone: Contact the Billing & Collections department at: 1-888-267-4811, Option 1 to submit your payment by phone. 2) Online: Sign into the Owner Portal Login found on the main Owners Area homepage and submit your payment by credit/debit/checking account. 3) Mail: Mail your maintenance fee payment to: Park City Homeowners Timeshare, Inc. P.O. Box 913298 Denver, CO 80291-3298 Please include your Owner ID on your check so we can match your payment to your owner account.
  • When are Maintenance Fees due? How much is my Maintenance Fee?
    Maintenance fees are due annually on October 1st. To find out how much your maintenance fees are, go to the Owners Information page. All maintenance fees include the property tax.
  • Can I pay my future Maintenance Fees in advance?
    Yes! You can absolutely pay your future maintenance fees in advance especailly if you like to bank your weeks with an exchange company. Contact Owner Services at 1-888-267-4811, Option 2 to make your future maintenance fee payments. When billing statements go out for that year, you just have to pay the remaining balance to cover any increases made to the maintenance fee.
  • What are the dates of my week?
    You can find out the dates of your week in 3 different ways: 1) Downloading the Timeshare Calendar which is listed on the Owners Information page. This calender lists out your arrival and departure dates for your week during the specific year you are inquiring about. 2) Sign into the Owner Portal Login and you will be able to see the dates for your upcoming week and print or email your reservation confirmations. 3) Contact Owner Services or the Reception Desk and a member of our team will gladly provide you those dates. Owner Services: 1-888-267-4811, Option 2 Reception Desk: 1-435-200-0300
  • What is my Username for the Owner Portal Login?
    Your username for the owner portal login is your Last Name + Name ID (7 digit number). Example: Appleseed1234567 If it is your first time logging into the owner portal and do not know your password, please contact Owner Services at 1-888-267-4811 (Option 2) or email at to reset your password.
  • What are my options if I can't make it to use my week?
    Can't make it to use your week? You can vacation bank your week for future use so that you can use it another time during the same year or the following year! Simply contact Owner Services at least 90+ days in advance to vacation bank your week and provide us with the dates you are interested in moving it to for use. Email: The fees for vacation banking are: - Move your week to another time within the same year: $80 - Move your week to the following year: $120 You can also split your week in three ways to have multiple vacations throughout the year if you can't make it! Another option is banking your week with an exchange company. See a list of the Exchange Companies we partner with.
  • Can I have my friends and famliy use my week?
    You can have your friends and non-immediate family members use your week by contacting Owner Services. There is a Guest Certificate fee of $60 which is pre-paid by the owner so that your friends and non-immediate family members can use your week.
  • How do I book Bonus Time?
    Bonus Time is a special rate for owners who want to stay at the resort outside of their annual ownership week. Owners can resereve any unit type at the following rates during non-peak seasons: Nightly Rates: Studio: $90 1 Bedroom: $120 2 Bedroom: $145 3 Bedroom: $160 Bonus time reservations must be made 90 days or less in advance of the booking for a weekday stays and 20 days in advance for weekend stays. Maintenance Fees must be paid and account current. No shows will be charged the entire amount of the stay. Bonus Time is subject to availabiity. Contact Owner Services at 1-888-267-4811, Option 2 or the Reception Desk at 1-435-200-0300 to book your bonus time!
  • How do I bank my week to use for Exchange?
    You can bank your week simply by calling Owner Services at least 60+ days in advance of your week. If you plan to use your week for exchange with an exchange company, please contact Owner Services so that we can provide you a reservation confirmation letter showing you are current on your Maintenance Fee dues and unit information.
  • Why was I denied by an Exchange Company?
    You may have been denied by an exchange company for any of the following reasons below. 1) Unpaid Maintenance Fees 2) Owner acount shows an unpaid balance 3) Incorrect ownership week or unit type deposited If you find that you've been denied for any of thees reasons, please contact Owner Services at 1-888-267-4811 so that we can assist you and bring your account current.
  • How do I apply for the Owner Rental Program?
    Placing your week in to Owner Rental Program is a way for your to generate some revenue for your week if you do not plan to use it To apply for the rental program, please visit the Owner Rental & Exchanges page to read the program guidelines and download the application. We advise owners place their week into the program at least 3 months prior to their week use, however, we can accept weeks earlier on a case-by-case basis. If you meet the program guidelines and have completed your application, please submit your application to
  • How will I know if my week rented?
    Owners may only contact Owner Services to find out if their week rented 1-2 weeks prior to the week use. Email: Phone: 1-888-267-4811, Option 2
  • How much money will I get from placing my week into the program?
    Owners get 65% of the net income generated after taxes, fees, and commision. We work hard to market your week for rental and so we cannot guarantee that all nights of your week can be rented.
  • When will I receive my rental payout for my week?
    Rental payouts typically take 1 month to send. If your week falls in the beginning of the month, we send your payout the following month. Example: Week owned and rented in July, Payout delivered by mid-August. The time and process for this require our inventory manager and accounting deparment to ensure all monies paid out are accurate.
  • What if I want to remove my week from the program?
    You can remove your week with no penalty fee up to 60 days prior to your arrival if you plan to use it. If you remove your week because you placed your week for rental through a different channel like AirBnB, VRBO, or Craiglist, please contact Owner Services immediately at
  • Can I place my week into the program if I am delinquent?
    No. Owners must be current on all their maintenance fees and carry zero balance to be considered for placement into the program.
  • Can I give my week back to the HOA?
    The HOA can accept ownership weeks back on a case-by-case basis. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any weeks that fall during the shoulder season (September - November). To have your ownership and account reviewed, please contact: Our Deeds and Transfer specialist will be able to assist you with your questions and provide options for your case upon review. Please have ready your Owner ID and any information about your case (financial, medical, etc.).
  • Where can I list my week for sale or transfer?
    Owners at the Sweetwater Lift Lodge can communicate with each other by posting on the Owner Classifieds Forum. In the forum, owners can list their week for sale or transfer and can browse to purchase more weeks. To be redirected to the Owners Forum please click here.
  • Who can I contact for more information about transfering my ownership?
    Have you found someone to transfer your ownership to? We're happy to help guide you through the process so you understand what steps you need to take to transfer your ownership. Please have your Owner ID and Buyer Contact Information ready. Contact the Deeds & Transfer department by email at or by phone at 1-888-267-4811, Option 3 (Hours of operation 10am - 4pm MST).
  • Who do we contact if we want to purchase more weeks?
    We're so glad to hear you enjoy staying with us and want to spend your vacation memories at the Sweetwater Lift Lodge! To find out more information on what weeks are available for sale and their prices by the HOA, contact You can also check the Owner Classifieds Forum to see what other owners are selling their week and unit for.

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