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On behalf of Sweetwater Lift Lodge, Azzurro will now offer two ways to help you make the most of your unused vacation week. Along with the Sweetwater Lift Lodge Owner Rental Program, we would like to introduce the Azzurro/RTX Exchange Program as an option to deposit your week and exchange it. 

2021 Owner Rental Program

The Owner Rental Program was designed to help offset your maintenance fee by place your unused week into our rental program and generating income for you. If you own any of the following weeks listed below, we highly encourage you to deposit your week(s), regardless of unit type, into our Owner Rental Program inventory.

Weeks listed below are the most high-demand times of the year for Sweetwater Lift Lodge and owners with these weeks can benefit by generating income, hassle-free. We do the work of promoting and marketing your unused week for you. Any rental bookings you receive for your week are paid out by check 1-2 months after your week has been rented.

Currently Accepting Selected Weeks:

  • Weeks 1 - 13

  • Weeks 24 - 32

  • Weeks 47 - 52

Note: We regret that we cannot accept any off season weeks at this time due to a surplus of weeks currently in our inventory.

Program Guidelines
Owner Rental

Submit your completed form in one

of the following ways:



Hours: Mon - Fri 9 am to 5 pm MST


(435) 608-1701

  1.  All Maintenance Fees must be paid in full and owner account current when depositing weeks in to the program.

  2. Current Enrollment is for the 2020/2021 weeks


Exchanging your timeshare week gives you the flexibility to stay at different resorts during a different time. As a Sweetwater Lift Lodge Owner, you have three options to exchange your week.

If you have already deposited your week with an exchange company and need confirmation of the deposit, please complete the form at the link below.


Exchange Information Request Form

Azzurro/RTX Exchange

We are pleased to provide an additional benefit to our owners with our partnership with RTX Exchange. This allows you to deposit your week and exchange for a wide variety of resorts world-wide. 

There is no annual membership fee associated with the Basic plan offered through RTX.

For more information about our exchange program, download our information sheet below:

Azzurro RTX Exchange Program Info Sheet

Azzurro RTX Portal
A Better Way to Exchange

Join RCI and you can exchange your vacation ownership for time at other resorts around the world.

Visit the RCI website to explore the resorts and offers available to you.


Phone: 1-800-338-7777

Total # of member resorts: 4,146

Annual Membership - $89/year

Internet Exchange - $209

Telephone Exchange - $219

Guest Certificate Fee - $59

Interval International

Interval International makes it easy for members to spend vacation time at a vast network of nearly 3,200 resorts in over 80 nations.

Visit the Interval International website to learn more.


Phone: 1-800-468-3782

Total # of member resorts: 2,800+

Annual Membership - $89/year

Internet Exchange - $174

Telephone Exchange - $189

Guest Certificate Fee - $59

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