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Welcome to the Owners Area!

Welcome Sweetwater Lift Lodge Owner! The Owners Area is where you'll find helpful information about annual maintenance fees, newsletters, information about exchanging, Bonus Time, and more! As an owner at the Sweetwater Lift Lodge, you also have access to the Owner Portal where you can update your contact information, pay your maintenance fees, and print or email future reservations. Additionally, owners have access to the Owner Classifieds Forum where you have the ability to list your week to sell or transfer with other Sweetwater Lift Lodge owners. You can also see what other owners are offering for sale or transfer.

We look forward to welcoming you at the resort on your next visit and making your ownership experience on that is valuable and memorable!


We had a great time for our ski break vacation. The staff are great and they offered activities great for the family. All in all we had a great trip. We definitely can't wait to go back and would recommend it in a heartbeat!

- Ski Week Owner

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Login to pay your maintenance fees, print or email upcoming reservations, update your contact information, and more! Click the button below to login.

For help with username and password or if you need to reset your password, please contact Owner Services at 

owner@sweetwater-liftlodge.com or (888) 267-4811 

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Communicate with your fellow Owners and sell, transfer, or purchase weeks from other Sweetwater Lift Lodge Owners.

Please be sure to include your contact

info in the body of your ad. 

All transfers/sales must comply with the Amended CC&Rs, Paragraph 22 which can be found here: Amended Rules and Regulations before any transfer/sale will be honored.

Disclaimer:  The HOA and Azzurro are listing these as a courtesy to Owners and have no involvement between the parties for the sale/transfer of any unit except, making sure that the Owner is in compliance with the Amended CC&Rs. If an Owner wishes to purchase another Owner's Unit, please contact the Owner directly and not the Sweetwater Lift Lodge Resort or Azzurro.

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