The 2018 Owner Rental Program

On behalf of Sweetwater Lift Lodge, Azzurro Group will now offer two ways to help you make the most of your unused vacation week. Along with the Sweetwater Lift Lodge Owner Rental Program, we would like to introduce the Azzurro Group Exchange Program as an option to deposit your week and exchange it. The goal is to provide you with the best possible options to generate revenue on your week through our Owner Rental Program and have the ability to exchange your week.

Currently Accepting Selected Weeks*:

  • Weeks 1 - 10
  • Weeks 24 - 32
  • Weeks 47 - 52

*Note: We regret that we cannot accept any off season weeks at this time, due to the fact that we have a surplus of them on hand currently.

If you own any of the following weeks listed, we highly encourage you to deposit your week(s), regardless of unit type, into our Owner Rental Program inventory.

These weeks are the most high demand times of the year for Sweetwater Lift Lodge and owners with these weeks can greatly benefit by signing up for our Owner Rental Program

The Owner Rental Program has been designed to help assist you with offsetting your maintenance fee liability by generating income from the rental of your week. To participate and learn more about the terms and conditions, download our Owner Rental Application at the button below.

Download PDF

Program Guidelines:

To Participate in our program you will need:

1. All Maintenance Fees must be paid in full or current when deposited into the program.
2. Current Enrollment is for 2017/2018 weeks.

Submit your completed form in one of the following ways: Email: or Fax: (435) 608-1701

For questions or information on Owner Status, contact Owner Services in the one of the following ways:

Phone: (888) 267-4811
Hours: Mon to Fri 9am 6pm MST