Owner Classifieds

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Please follow THIS link to view the Owner Classifieds Forum. Please be sure to include your contact info in the body of your ad

Staff at the Sweetwater Lift Lodge will record all listings of weeks by building, floor, and type of unit, into a book kept at the front desk to ensure that the inventory transfers comply with the resort CC&Rs.

All transfers/sales must comply with the Amended CC&Rs, Paragraph 22 which can be found here: Amended Rules and Regulations before any transfer/sale will be honored.

Disclaimer:  The HOA and Azzurro are listing these as a courtesy to Owners and have no involvement between the parties for the sale/transfer of any unit except, making sure that the Owner is in compliance with the Amended CC&Rs. If an Owner wishes to purchase another Owner's Unit, please contact the Owner directly and not the Sweetwater Lift Lodge Resort or Azzurro.